Physicians Specialized in Advanced Treatments for the relief of Chronic Pain and Spinal Pathology

Physicians Specialized in Advanced Treatments for the relief of Chronic Pain and Spinal Pathology

Rely on our specialists for accurate diagnosis and comprehensive, individualized treatment.
Care service in which human treatment and good communication with the patient are a priority.

Multidisciplinary Medical Team specialized in pioneering and advanced Treatments for spinal diseases that manifest themselves with pain and/or limited mobility and cause disability and affect quality of life.

Intervencionismo del Dolor en Clínica Vertebra Barcelona Madrid

Minimally Invasive
Spine Surgery

Highly skilled Surgeons and Medical Specialists in cutting-edge techniques for the relief of chronic pain.

Surgical Units with high technology operating rooms and own Resuscitation Services that guarantee a careful attention and prompt resolution of spinal diseases.

Intervencionismo del Dolor Clínica Vertebra Barcelona Madrid

Pain Procedures

Minimally Invasive Techniques that, with the lowest risk, provide effective relief of acute or chronic pain and reversal of disability.

Techniques used according to the criteria of evidence-based medicine.

Clínica Vértebra is a pioneering and world-renowned Surgical Center, led by Prof. Dr. Ricardo Ruiz-López, MD, Neurosurgeon, FIPP. Founder and past President of the World Institute of Pain (USA).

Barcelona Clínica Vertebra

Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapies

The transformation is here.

Avoid periods of time with pain and disability and future invasive surgeries.

The most advanced technology in Biological Sciences, effective and safe, practiced with Mesenchymal Cells, obtained from the patient’s own adipose tissue, popularly known as “Stem Cells” through highly effective minimally invasive clinical procedures for cell isolation and culture in internationally accredited conditions.

We are proud Founder Members of:

Founder of World Federation Of Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery · 2012

Founder of World Institute of Pain (EEUU) · 1993

Founder of Societat Catalana de Dolor. Acadèmia de Ciències Mèdiques de Catalunya i Balears · 2001


Clínica Vértebra is accredited by the Generalitat de Catalunya as a Medical-Surgical Health Center dedicated to the Research and Treatment of Spine diseases and Chronic Pain Syndromes, having a Surgical Unit of Ambulatory Surgery equipped with the latest technological advances.

Pioneers in the international field in the Treatment of Pain as a first degree health problem and in its relief as a fundamental right of the person. Since the beginning of its activity has been characterized by multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary orientation, ensuring a unique and comprehensive treatment of each patient.

First class Medical and Surgical Care.

Patient is our priority.

Clínica Vértebra Facilities

The Clinica Vertebra facilities are located in central locations in Barcelona and Madrid, easily accessible. Following the criterion of “providing the best comfort and quality care”, they have modern and adapted facilities, with the best equipment and the most advanced technology.

The Surgical Units have their own Ambulatory Surgery area equipped with the most advanced technology including Radiology equipment, guided Ultrasound, Radiofrequency, Ozone Therapy, Endoscopic Surgery and Regenerative Medicine Laboratory.